Boundless Courage and Hope


SGI president Ikeda once wrote in calligraphy “Mountains of Brilliant Achievement” for the members in Hokkaido, which is part of this year’s motto.

Calligraphy By Daisaku Ikeda:”Mountains of Brilliant Achievement”

The members in Hokkaido have been united and working harder than ever in preparation for the celebration of 18th November, anniversary of Soka Gakkai’s founding, in the Year of Brilliant Achievement in the New Era of Worldwide Kosen-Rufu, which they also regard as the year of the three founding president who all have close ties with their pref.

Hokkaido is where Soka Gakkai’s first president Thunesaburo Makiguchi and second president Josei  Toda spend their youth. Third president Daisaku Ikeda also made tremendous efforts there during his younger years to win a religious debate in Otaru in 1955 and tackle the religious discrimination of mines carried out by a powerful labor union in Youbari in 1957.

In April 2001, Mr. Ikeda wrote a long Poem dedicated to the members in Hokkaido 

The sun shine like a heavenly King.
The Land shines Brilliantly in the moonlight.
Hokkaido is a stage of magnificent nature.
Free form despair, it gives boundless courage and great hope.
it is world joyful song…
Now is the time…
to take courageous action with determination.
Transform your grief into joy.
Transform difficulties into your pleasures.

Faith is source of boundless hope. The mentor-disciple relationship of Soka creates a world of heartfelt encouragement. the members in Hokkaido have forged an indomitable spirit that will shine forever.